A fellow traveled from the Sacramento area (5 hours away) to purchase my 1962 Cushman Eagle today.  The bike was in great condition and a real looker but I just wasn’t using it.  I haven’t ridden the Cushman in about 3 month so thought I would crank it up this morning before the prospective buyer showed up.  Pushed it out of the 32 degree garage and commenced to crank & crank & crank (you get the picture).  Pull the plug and burn out the gas in the cylinder and crank & crank & crank (prospective buyer ½ hour away).  Occasional backfire and weak putt but no start.  After what seemed like 100 plus cranks with no luck I rolled the Eagle out in the Sun and let it set.  Buyer shows up and looks over the bike.  I steered him into the garage for a 30 minute “show and tell” of look at this and look at that.  Next to the side yard for more “unique items that you’ve just got to see”.  Finally he had had enough and suggested that he hear the Cushman run.  I led the way back to the curb with dread in my heart.  One kick and it roared to life!  Up and down the street I went.  He was smiling.  I was smiling.  I said “do you want me to drive it up in your trailer?  He said “go for it”.  Done deal.